Beaches in Clearwater

With miles and miles of soft white sand and sparkling waterways, Clearwater’s beaches are the beaches of your dreams. Take a look at our guide to Clearwater beaches here…

Florida is one of the best places to practice water sport activities. But for those who want to stay dry and still have a close experience with the underwater world, there is sea fishing. Clearwater, Florida is a hotspot for shore fishing, coastal fishing trips and even some deep sea sports fishing.
From shore fishing to deep sea fishing


Shore fishing

Fishing in Clearwater
Who needs a boat if a pair of old sneakers and a spinning rod would suffice?

Shore fishing might be the easiest and cheapest way to go fishing in Clearwater, Florida. You wade along the shoreline and tow a bucket of shrimp. All you have to do is walk through knee-deep water and you might catch some flounder or snook. This type of fishing is perfect for those who still need introduction to the sport, but it remains popular with veterans as well. Especially on the peninsular paradise of Clearwater where there are dozens of great fishing locations.
Most species spend some time of their life in the meadows of seagrass in the shallow waters of the bay. You might even catch one of the big three: trout, redfish and the snook. If you are in luck, you can catch all three of them in one day and qualify for the inshore ‘grand slam.’

Florida law now requires that residents and visitors alike must obtain a saltwater fishing license even when fishing from land. A special stamp is also required if you plan to catch and keep a snook. Local bait and tackle shops can provide all the help that you need, and you can purchase licenses and stamps at most bait and tackle shops, or go to


Coastal fishing trips

Sea fishing at Clearwater Beach

For those wanting something different, you can fish from the pier or go on a coastal fishing trip. Coastal fishing trips in Clearwater are offered near the pier and require no experience. During the coastal fishing trip you will be properly instructed and learn how to catch some big fish like Grouper, Amberjack and Cobia. But even the Redfish, Snook, Trout and Tarpon are waiting to be caught. You can go Amberjack fishing year-round or decide to go trolling. This technique is ideal for beginners or kids since you will have a lot of fun while the boat is constantly on the move while trolling the lines in the water. When a fish hits the lure or spoon, it’s your responsibility to reel it in and finish the job.  See for prices and more.


Deep sea fishing

In Clearwater, Florida, Deep Sea Fishing Charters leave everyday to take you to the best spots to go fishing. Whether you’re fishing in coastal waters or in deeper water, you are ensured to have a great time. You will venture further into the Gulf of Mexico and experience why Clearwater has the reputation of being one of the best deep sea fishing locations in Florida. You might be able to catch some Red, Gag, Scamp Groupers and let’s not forget, the Snapper. Your captain will take you to some fine spots, anchor his boat and help you hook your bait, so you can drop it to the bottom. This bottom fishing requires more skill and is quite challenging. Big fish will nibble your bait, tease you and you’ll have to have a great reaction time to be able to catch them. But the reward is tremendous.
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