Eating out

I wanted to share with you some of the great eating establishments that are located within walking distance to the condo or just a short drive away.
 For Italian we love Stella and Als   They have real authentic Italian food.
Another great for Italian is Cesare’s 
For some great takeout or delivery there is Gondolier Pizza
If you want to get your vacation on.. there is a great beach bar right across the street; great food and drink as well as live entertainment; and I don’t mean just the band.  Jimmy’s Fish House
It may not be kid appropriate….
My absolute favorite is Post Corner Pizza
We go here for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Not all in the same day but often enough.  The owners are Greek and all the food is homemade. The prices are reasonable and it is located across the street from the Opal Sands Hotel. You can also do take out with them.
If you are looking for a dining experience, are not that hungry and are willing to part with a few extra $$ there is the Island Way Grill
For some great fried food on the beach there is Palm Pavilion
More fried food there is a Frenchy’s on just about every corner.
For roof top cocktails and great night sky views there is Jimmy’s Crows Nest
We also frequent Clear Sky Cafe  quite a bit.  Great food and reasonable prices.
That is it for now… you will see that there are no shortage of every type of dining experience right within walking distance to the condo.
If you go somewhere and you think it is great, please shoot me an email with your findings and I will add it to the list.